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  901 South Ave W, Missoula, MT

(406) 728-2403

About the Team

Founded in 2009 the Missoula Robotics Team (MRT) is a collective group that draws students from all three Public High Schools in Missoula (Big Sky, Hellgate, and Sentinel). For the past five years, the team has consistently been made up of around 30 students that range from Freshman to Seniors in High School. Along with this the team also includes 12 mentors, three of which are School District Employees and the other nine are local community members. MRT has a wide variety of students and mentors that join together to not only build a robot but establish leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Every type of person is welcomed and appreciated by the team, from programmers to engineers to business leaders. Currently, the team is looking to expand its mentor base to have a stronger business group. Also, the team is actively looking to recruit more female students to be a part of the team and students that are interested in business, marketing, and graphics design. Ultimately though the team will take anyone that is interested in learning or contributing to the team in any way.